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ACS Enterprise
  ACS Enterprise designed the Adjustable Carry Strap to give professional and self-movers a safer and more efficient way of moving large, heavy objects, as well as mattresses and box springs.

Consider these benefits:

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  • Adjustable to allow the correct height and weight balance for each user.
  • Adjustable handle allows for ergonomically correct use.
  • Even weight distribution.
  • Lift more weight with ease.
  • Durable long lasting design.
  • Allows for moving heavy items through doorways and hallways where a furniture dolly is not useful.
  • Handles are designed for comfort and strength.
  • Very useful for mattresses and box springs so that they can be handled with ease and not dragged.
ACS Enterprise
(left) Old "wrap around the wrist" straps cause unnecessary strain on hands and also cut blood flow from the wrist, causing bruises and bursting blood veins.

(right) The ergonomically correct A.C. Strap. Wrist injuries are eliminated, as there is no constriction of the wrists.

Adjustable handles help to keep back and legs in correct position, lessening the chance of injury to back, shoulders, hands, and legs.

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ACS Enterprise
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